Group Members
Dr. Franziska Lissel

Principal Investigator, Head of Functional Electronic Materials Group
E-mail: /

Dr. Ningwei Sun

Postdoctoral Fellow; PSC-NPs & Interfaces

Oumaima Aiboudi, M.Sc.

Doctoral Student, NanoNet Scholar; Molecular Machines & Photoswitches

Kristina Ditte, M.Sc.

Doctoral Student; Stretchable Electronics

Kilian Horatz, M.Sc.

Doctoral Stundet; Functional MALDI Matrices

Ho Yuen "Jack" Po, M.Sc.

Doctoral Student; Organometallic Polymers

Oliver Ditzer, B.Sc.

Master Student; Stretcable PSCs

Location and Contact:
The scientific members of the Functional Electronic Materials Group are located on the ground floor of IPF's "Laborgebäude" at Hohe Str. 6, 01069 Dresden, Germany.

FEM Group

The Functional Electronic Materials Group (FEM) within the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research (IPF) designs and synthesizes functional materials for molecular electronics and organic electronics. This is based on solid foundations and concepts in organometallic, polymer and organic chemistry.

Our current research interests cover organometallic electronics, stretchable electronics, and novel matrices for MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI MSI).
In the field of organometallic electronics, transition metals of the groups 6–9 are embedded into stable organic ligand systems to yield highly functional building blocks for polymer-based as well as single-molecule electronics.
With respect to stretchable electronics, molecular engineering is employed to obtain polymer semiconductors which combine electronic functionality with mechanical compliance. Dynamic bonding schemes are utilized in order to enable self-healing in electronically active materials.
Furthermore, we focus on the design and synthesis of functional matrices for MALDI MSI, a highly sensitive imaging technique allowing to visualize 2D molecular maps like the spatial distribution of metabolites in tissue slices.

Mailing Address:
Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research
Institute Macromolecular Chemistry
Department of Polymer Structures
Group of Dr. Franziska Lissel
Hohe Str. 6
01069 Dresden